4 UWELL Caliburn G Device Issues You May Experience and How to Fix Them

by Miranda

The UWELL Caliburn G device is an incredible and efficient device. However, some people tend to mishandle electronic cigarettes, and this might result in issues that you could have avoided. If you do not use the device well, you may experience some issues. The caliburn g device comes with a user manual. You will find some instructions on how to use it well in the manual. Again, if you do not follow the manual, you may encounter some problems. Here are some of the issues you may face and how to fix them.

A simple guide to fixing the common UWELL Caliburn G issues

The Caliburn G device is very high performing. The chances of running into problems while using it are minimal. Online reviews on this device will reveal that many people hardly notice any issue. However, like all other vaping devices out there, there are cases where you may fail to use them efficiently. Below is a list of common problems you may experience and how to fix them.

The Caliburn G is not hitting

If you press the fire button and the device is not hitting, there may be some problems. To fix it, press the button five quick succession times. Also, check your Caliburn G’s charge level. The device will not work if it has no battery. In such a situation, the best fix is to charge it.

Minimal pod life

If you do not wait for the wick to saturate after you fill the pod with the e-liquid, it may cause the pod to burn out fast. Also, vaping at a fast pace can ensure the pod burns out quickly since you do not give the wick time to saturate. Fast vaping reduces the pod’s life very quickly. Due to heavily sweetened e-liquid, Coil gunk can also make the pod burn out. The best solution to the pod life problem is to minimize sweetener use, not vape fast, and wait for the wick to saturate.

A leaking Caliburn G

The Caliburn G device is very hard to leak. However, there are instances when the e-liquid may leak. For example, if you overfill the pod, there is a high chance of it leaking. Also, firm inhalation when vaping can cause it to leak. The best solution to the leaking problem is not to overfill the device’s pod and proper inhalation. Also, make sure to hold the device in an upright position.


If your Caliburn G is gurgling, there is a high chance that there is some e-liquid in the air channel. The main reason for the gurgling is that you are inhaling firmly. In such a situation, the most common fix is vaping until the POD is ready for a refill. You will also blow out the e-liquid present in the air channel.


Efficient use of the UWELL Caliburn G Device can ensure you maximize its credible use. However, situations such as firm vaping may cause you to experience problems like leaking. The best solution is to follow the user manual on the device’s best use.

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