Complete Guide For Lace Wigs

by Miranda

Nothing is better than lace wigs if you are into virtually unnoticeable and flawless stunning hair. Initially, these wigs have been used by Hollywood celebrities as a secret weapon for their on and off-stage roles as it gives a completely natural look.

After increasing popularity in an onscreen generation, these wigs are now available for everyone else. Unlike many other tight and non-breathable wigs, the lace wigs are made from delicate mesh to maintain their breathability and give a very relaxing time to the wearer.

If you have never purchased a lace wig, here is everything you need to know about these wigs!

Lace Wigs Construction  

The most significant advantage of lace wigs is that these are made with imperceptible hairline. Even though different manufacturers prepare these wigs, they use a thin invisible lace material to which they fill the hairs individually.

This precise design gives an unnoticeable hairline that feels like the hairs are growing out from your scalp. Three main types of laces that are used in these wigs are; full, front, and 360 lace.

1. Full Lace 

The full lace is a breathable and self-explanatory lace that covers all of your head like a cap. This lace equally distributes the wig weight on the head and can be used in multiple ways. These wigs are more comfortable, durable, and easy to use.

2. Front Lace

Front lace wigs are the most popular than full and 360 lace wigs. These sheer lace only covers the front forehead side, leaving a natural and undetectable look if appropriately managed. This wig is as durable and long-lasting as the full head wig but available at a low price. Make sure to purchase the properly cut ready-to-wear front lace wig to avoid the hassle.

3. 360 HD Lace

360, also known as frontal wig, is a sheer lace that covers the complete hairline with circular lace. This lace provides great versatility for hairstyles and the best possible options for beginners.

Why Are Lace Wigs Expensive?

The process of lace wigs is labor-intensive, where the hairs are filled in lace one by one. The precise construction of these wigs makes their cost a bit higher, but the price is nothing to get the impression of a stainless hairline.

You can also get the off-the-rack lace wigs that are prepared with perfect measurements, so you don’t have to cut or customize the lace. Wigs with front lace design are ideal to cover the scalping, premature hair growth, and the people who suffer other hair problems. These wigs will provide the perfect and natural looking hairs.

Tips for Wearing Lace Wigs 

  • The customization of the wig is important. If you are purchasing a readily customized wig, inspect the wig properly for any damage and according to your head size.
  • Be careful when selecting and using the adhesives. The low-quality adhesive will damage the wig quality and affect your natural hair.
  • The lace wigs need a bit of practice to set the lace naturally. Make sure to have a practice installation rather than trying them at the last moment.


Lace wigs are definitely the most popular type, but it doesn’t mean you can purchase any lace wig from the market. Make sure to be extra careful when selecting a lace wig type to avoid inconvenience and irritation later.

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