Shop and Save: Commercial Strip LED Light Fixtures

by Miranda

If you are planning to shop for light fixtures for your commercial property, then LED strip lights will be the ideal lights to purchase. They are versatile, enhance visibility and appearance, and make spaces look more vibrant.

Commercial strip LED lights are more powerful and larger than domestic strip lights and are designed to illuminate large spaces like offices, hotels, retail stores, schools, halls, etc. When you want to shop and save on light fixtures that provide light and are a form of innovative decor, Revolve commercial strip LED light fixtures will perfectly meet your requirements.

Benefits of Commercial Strip LED Lights

Commercial LED strip lights are similar to domestic LED strip lights but have some added features to make them more powerful and great for lighting large spaces. Here is why you need commercial LED strip lights:

  • Produce more light – Strip lights for commercial use have large LEDs that produce a more bright and crystal light that allows you to see all objects.
  • They are very durable – Commercial strip LED lights have high-quality resistors which protect them from overheating. The resistors are essential because most commercial places experience unavoidable power changes due to voltage alteration.
  • Large in size – Commercial strip lights are made to cover a large area because they are more significant in width and length. With this, you can use fewer strip light fixtures to light a vast space.
  • Extra protection – Since commercial strip lights light large indoor and outdoor places, they need additional protection, like aluminum profiles, to keep the LED strips safe and secure. It also protects the strips from water, moisture, and dust.

What to Consider When Buying Commercial LED Strip Light Fixtures

There are so many choices when you want to shop and save on a commercial LED strip light fixture, but you must consider a few things first:

#1. The height of the ceiling

When planning your lighting grid, ceiling height is critical. The height determines what kind of light fixtures to use. When working on an 8-foot ceiling, flush mount LED strip light fixtures will work best. High-bay LED strip light fixtures are best for ceilings higher than 15 feet.

The lighting grid has to create a uniform light coverage that eliminates dark areas and shadows to provide a consistent wash of light in all places.

#2. The activity performed in the area

You have to choose a LED strip light fixture that supports the work carried out in your area. If the workers are doing detailed work, you may have to illuminate specific workspaces with additional work lights and lamps to support the work carried out in the area.

#3. Level of natural light available

Choose your work LED strip light fixtures depending on the amount of natural light available during your working hours. If your work area uses lights during daylight hours, you will have to consider adjusting the light output of your commercial LED strip light fixture.


Commercial LED strip light fixtures are great for lighting commercial spaces. You will have much freedom to build creative designs when lighting your project.

Are you looking to light a large commercial space? RevolveLED is a one-stop shop where you will find all types of commercial strip light fixtures to light your whole project.

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