The Lycan King is a Story of Story of Hot Romance and Unexpected Twists

The Lycan King is a Story of Story of Hot Romance and Unexpected Twists

The Lycan King is a paranormal romance that you will find is worth to read. Ideally, the lycan king's mate ava and Cameron novel details the destiny of two major characters who are on a collision course. Alexandar is the Lycan King who is known to wield a lot of power and when he meets Gamma Lucianne, he thinks he has met the love of his life. Unfortunately, Luccianne is not interested in him. This is because she has experienced heartbreaks five times. She has vowed not to fall in love with anyone else.

The Queen Factor

Marrying the Lycan King means Luccianne becomes the Queen. Well, this is something every woman dreams of. There are many people who will do everything in their power to ensure Lucianne does not become the Queen. They can go even to the extent of killing her.

Alexander being the king does not take no for an answer. He also knows if he does not protect Lucianne she will not even have a chance of proposing to her.

Amazing Novel to Read

You will find this novel to be quite enthralling with a perfect imagined setting. It details a world brimming with intrigue and conflict. The Gammas have a task of spending their lives protecting the kingdom.

Lucianne Fressia is introduced at the start of the novel to arouse the interest of readers when the Laycan King is stunned by her great beauty. In fact, the attraction is spontaneous. After this, the author decides to create suspense to keep readers glued to the story.

The Characters

Most of the characters in this novel are quite impressive. In fact, you will find many to be your favorites. Lucianne is the anointed character and she is the real star throughout the story. You will find her to have many positive attributes. Other characters such as Hale, Christian, Toby, Tate, and Juan epitomize sacrifice, protection, and loyalty.

The descriptions of all characters’ personalities are vivid. You will fall in love with comical antics and sarcasm. The actions and motivations of characters are relatable and realistic.

Tortured Man

As you know, the King should be a man who has a lot of power and riches. Well, that is the Lycan King for you. However, he is a tortured soul. This is because even if he has power, he cannot contain his love for Lucianne. The king starts the journey to win the heart of Lucianne and this becomes the main plot of the story.

Final Thoughts

This is an unusual, well-written, and captivating paranormal romance. Ideal, this novel is a tale of royal politics, crime, love, family, friendship, and sizzling romance. Although the length of this novel is quite formidable, readers do not put it down because it captures their attention. The twists, shockers, and unpredictability will keep you expectant and glued to the story. If you are a fan of romance novel that involve political actions and drama, this is the perfect novel for you to read.